Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Raw Chia Banana Pudding - Mimi Kirk's Great Recipe!

Well now that the little wifey has me heading for a raw kick I spent my morning flipping through the Live Raw book by Mimi Kirk. After reading some of the front and flipping through all those awesome recipes I am looking forward to more of a rawer life style. I firmly believe that your diet completely controls your body I am living proof and I feel great. I only wish I would make this change in my life about 20 years ago, but the past is the past and hind site is 20/20.

Starting out with some thing I had on vacation that has been in the back of my mind was that chia pudding is was so good and now I have found the recipe for it here we go. Now this recipe is straight from the Live Raw recipe book by Mimi Kirk I did no variation to it other than I doubled it.

Tasteful Kitchen Tucson Arizona -Review

This is a very cute, quiet little place that we found online so we were looking forward to this place for a while. As soon we walked in they asked if we had a reservation which we did not, but they still were able to find a table right away for us. After checking over the menu and hearing the specials I knew that we were in for a great meal. Now this place has vegetarian options also, so make certain you tell the server that you want the vegan options. This place is decorated with very unique art work on the walls it was like eating supper in an art gallery, and all of the art is for sale.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lovin Spoonfuls Tucson Az. - My Review of This INCREDIBLE Vegan Restaurant

After driving 11 hours through New Mexico and Arizona, I was hungry and cranky I just wanted some good vegan food. When we pulled up to Lovin Spoonfuls I was so excited cause Amber had been reading me the menu for the last 30 miles making me more and more hungry. As soon as you walk up to the counter you are greeted by the owner Peggy who is very friendly and SO nice. She is a devoted cat lover just like us and has many rescue cats at her home just like us.  To the right of the counter are many photos of her with famous doctors who all live or support a plant based lifestyle. We ordered some appetizers and burgers the service was out this world good, we sat outside and with in mins the appetizers were there. The battered mushrooms had to be the best deep fried mushroom that I have ever tasted in my life. The battered beer brats and the shoestring fries were great also. Sitting outside eating this food I knew that this is where I want to call home as soon as the boys are done with high school. When the burgers came I was in heaven. Anybody can make a vegan burger and serve it up what what differs one to the next is how they serve it up you can tell when there is love put into the food and you definitely feel the love here.
When Sunday morning came around we were outside Lovin Spoonfuls 15 min before the opened and we still weren't the first ones there. The breakfast at this place is so good that it will blow your mind. Amber went with the  Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and I went with a Spinach-Mushroom Scramble and Southwest Burrito wow it was really good. 
After hiking for a couple of hours we decided to head back here for some late lunch-early supper but we got there at 315 and they close at 3 but she still offered us so cold desserts even though the kitchen was closed.  Wow these treats really hit the spot so good and all vegan is awesome. 
On Monday morning we were right back here again for our final meal here.  I went with the Denver Scramble and Amber got the same thing Chocolate chip pancakes which everything was awesome. If you love good food and enjoy good service you will love this place, and knowing that the owner is such a kind hearted person has dedicated her life to helping animals.  Her personality really reflects on this restaurant and its shows through the people she employs and through the food that is served. This place is a MUST PLACE TO EAT AT.

Decision...........Decision What to decide 

good and fair prices.

So many choices.

The coffee here rocks.

These were really great fries.

Those were the bestest mushrooms in the world.

 My Route 66 Burger, fresh made patties is the only way to go.

Amber's Southwest Burger, I am gonna be making that carrot salad real soon, it was awesome.

Here is some awesome food porn for ya.

We had some shakes for an after dinner snacks, I went with a Root Beer Float, Amber went with a Peanut Butter Cup, Graham went with Chocolate Mint, Gage had the Orange Cremesicle.

Almost to much food.....almost.

Really good flavor, nice proportions

Amber said the that these were such chocolatey cakes of goodness, they were perfect.

The southwest burrito is a monster.

Amber and the boys in the desert, we love it in Tucson.

Wow....... do I need to say anything else.

That is the Denver Scramble I am gonna get  some vegan ham its awesome.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mint Tulip Vegan Cafe, Albuquerque New Mexico.- Review

I found this place online months ago back in Pa. while planning this trip and have been waiting and waiting finally the wait was over. They have free parking in the rear on the restaurant (which was awesome) and as soon as you walk in you start to feel so happy from the colorful vegan menu. I had to step  back and look at the menu I was blown away at how good the prices were, so reasonable and fair for the quality of food and service your getting you can beat this place at all.  It was early so of course breakfast was on our minds, we started with some fresh squeezed juices Amber went the carrot route and I stuck with good old fashion OJ. They have a monster juicer in the place I never did ask what model it was, it was huge. Fresh juice is the only way to go I told the wife to order us a juicer for the house.
The tofu scramble did not disappoint me at all full of flavor almost like mine from home. So many places have no clue how to prepare or cook tofu but not this place they rock, this place takes tofu to a whole new level for me. Before I was vegan I would love to get sausage gravy over biscuits every time we went out for breakfast, but I have never found it in vegan place till today. This maybe a dream cause I can't believe this is vegan it was so rich and creamy and the taste was just like grandma was behind the counter making it for me. 
  Now the pancakes were with out a doubt hands down the best pancakes that I have ever tasted in my life. If you didn't read that last line here we go again THEY HAVE THE BEST PANCAKES ON PLANET EARTH. Where ever you live on the planet you need to make your way here just for the pancakes and you will live a happier life for doing so. They were like warm cinnamoney blankets of goodness. When we left there I felt so full but I was feeling that I was missing out on something cause the menu was calling my name to come back for lunch, so I listened and that's where we ended up at for lunch.
When we arrived back to the mint colored restaurant the first thing we start with was the vegan milkshakes and wow. My nonvegan sons were even blown away with the flavors. The wife decided  on the Grilled Veggie with a side of potato salad, I was really hungry so I started with the  Brat with Kraut & Onions with a side of pasta salad, and ended up with a BLT with a side of quinoa tabouli. I really need to make that quinoa salad when I get home it was so flipping good. 
So if you ain't booked a flight to ABQ then you better get cause this restaurant alone is a good enough reason to come here. Like I said don't miss this place you will regret it for the rest of your days. My only wish here is that we had more time in ABQ so we could of ate the whole menu.

OJ on the left carrot on the right. 

Great  Prices!!!!!

Colorful Menu :-)

Awesome colors = Awesome place.

Tofu Scramble and Pancakes.

Now this is a breakfast of champions.

That was one of the best plates of Sausage& Gravy over Biscuits I have ever had...

The Scramble rocked about as good as mine HA HA it really does rock.

So many choices we need to go back, I love fresh juices and smoothies.

Amber's PB Chocolate and Grahams Chocolate both out of this  world.

My Banana WOW!!!!!

Cremesicle Shake

Grilled Veggie with fresh made hummus

So Flipping good I love brats.

That salad quinoa tabouli salad ROCKS

Bestest  BLT other than mine.
Without a doubt the bestest meal we had in the entire state of New Mexico by far hands down the best. From the fast and friendly service to the spotless clean restaurant if we lived within a couple of hours of this place we would be here at least once a week.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thai Vegan Albuquerque, NM - Review

 Let me just tell you how happy I was to pull up and this place Thai Vegan and they were open. The food and service here are completely off the charts. With in seconds of sitting down the are getting your drinks and the menus are full of 100% vegan options. After a terrible stay in Flagstaff Az. where the only vegan restaurant decided to close for a staff meeting the only night we were in town. We end up eating microwaved Gardein crispy chicken tenders, which were awesome. By far this Thai Vegan is the best hands the BEST all vegan Asian restaurant I have ever been to EVER and I have been to a couple of them no wonder they have won so many food awards. If you are ever near ABQ this is a must, they have 2 locations to choose from.

deep fried spring rolls stuffed with cabbage, carrot, mung bean noodles, and
shiitake mushroom, served with sweet&sour sauce. $5.95

Garlic Pepper sauteed garlic, black pepper, cilantro, and garlic sauce on a bed of lettuce, with garlic beef $7.95.

Sweet & Sour stir-fried pineapple, tomato cucumber, bell pepper, onion, and scallion
with sweet & sour sauce, with soy chicken $8.95.

Chicken Wrap (soy) $7.95


4 Corners, Albuquerque, & Roswell NM. -Review

After leaving Flagstaff we headed for the Four Corners Monument, talk about out in the middle of no-where. Ever since the eighth grade I have wanted to come out here and do a push up on all four states at once. Well now that is done there is nothing else to do here so after all the photos we hit the highway heading for Albuquerque NM.

Finally we made it 4 hours from Flagstaff to here.

Notice there is one road in one road out.

Life long dream done.

Amber and the boys.

Amber in four states at once.

Albuquerque is an awesome full of all places to shop and eat with awesome mountain views, there will be a couple restaurants that I reviewed their post will be coming soon. We are HUGE Breaking Bad (for those who live in a cave its a award winning show on AMC)  fans we have seen every show. These are a couple of the filming locations that we got to go to. The first one we went to is the main characters house "Walter White" played by Brian Craston. As we were standing in the street taking photos of the house like fans do the owner came outside, I thought she was coming out to tell us to leave but she was so nice. She told us all about the filming and how they chose  her house is was a exciting thing to hear about. I told her I was surprised that she was so nice and she said it was because we respected her property and was staying on the street, she also told us about so many rude people coming there and coming on her property even climbing over the back wall. If you are planning to go there please be very respectful and stay off the property unless your invited. After we saw the main house went to the car wash used in the show, Hank the brother in-law's house, and Twister's which in the show is a chicken restaurant called Los Pollos Hermanos. This was such a cool town there were many other locations to see but that was all we had time for. A must see attraction in this town is The Sandia Peak Tramway. If you want to see the whole city at once then you need to go up to the top of the mountain. It only takes 15 min to get to the top and the views were out of this world amazing. Since we were out there during the rainy season we could see thunder storms rolling across the land it was wild to see. We spent so much time here in ABQ that we left late for Santa Fe as soon we got up there and had supper it was getting dark and we were leaving so early the next morning heading for Roswell that we didn't get a chance to check out the town oh-well maybe next time. 

"Walter White's House"

The real owner telling us about the filming.

Amber, Fran,  and Gage she was so nice.

The car wash used in the show.

Brother in-law Hank's house.

The real restaurant used in the filming.

This is painted inside.

The booth were Walter White sat in for the filming.

This was so cool.

Coming down to pick us up.

Loading up.

The view was amazing.

View at the top.

That is a strom rolling across the land.

Well after leaving the ABQ and Santa Fe area we headed south to Roswell NM. This was a place that I have wanted to visit for as long as I can remember (cause I'm a believer) and boy what a let down. There is only about 2-3 blocks of alien stuff there and that was it. Don't get me wrong the museum was worth the drive and the rest of the alien side of things were all tourist trap style places. I wanted to go to the actual crash site but I was told that it was on private property and no one was allowed there. I could of spent all day in the museum there are so many articles to read and with me having a reading level of 5 yr old kid I would be there for a year trying to read it all. All and all it was well worth the trip down here and I am really glad that we came. Now we decided to head straight for Tucson Az. it was only another 8 hours of driving piece of cake.

Alien butts creepy.

30 miles outside Tucson Az. this was the sun set.