Sunday, May 18, 2014

Aside of Heart - Phoenix, Arizona Review - Great Vegan Food!

After a couple of months of hard work (more like 8 months) we are finally on our way to relocating from Pa to Az. So this is why my blog and everything else has been put on hold to prepare for this move.

But enough about me, here in a very unique neighborhood close to downtown Phoenix Az. there is an awesome 100% vegan place with so much character that is literally over flowing to the outside walls.

Aside of Heart
Address: 901 N 5th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone:(602) 349-3134

As you walk in the re-purposed old house if you are a lady (or a Scottish man) hold on to your skirt cause of the industrial air conditioner blowing ice cold refreshing air into the seating area at such force that it makes you think your on a mountain top in the middle of the Himalayas.

We decided to sit outside after we ordered and they brought us glasses of water and also a full pitcher. Another worker opened a umbrella to give us some shade. The staff was very friendly and the food came out very fast.

Looking at this sandwich I was doubtful of the jackfruit texture but was very anxious to try the stuff I heard so much about. The cooks here did not disappoint us at all. After a couple of bites I knew I was hooked on my new found obsession, there will be many experiments to be done. As I was going nuts on my samie I couldn't help noticing the the wifey wasn't watching her tacos so she lost one to me,  Ha ha ha ha. 

Carnitas Torta- Seasoned, slow cooked, pulled Jackfruit,  with Chipotle mixed Cabbage Slaw and Pleezsh on MJ Bread. Comes with a side of chips.

Fuerza Locale Tacos- Street size Jackfruit tacos topped with artisan Chipotle Cabbage Slaw and Pleezsh on local soft corn tortillas with a side of beans and rice.

Wow the flavor was perfect the cooks here really know what needs to be done, and the texture of the jackfruit still blows my mind. After the meal I was full, but I wanted to try a smoothie and it was a perfect way to end this meal. The way that the cooks prepare and present the food really truly shows how much time, effort and love that goes into the food here.

I strongly recommend anyone in the Phoenix area to check this place out.

Berry Well Then and Sweet Mud Smoothies

If you are an art lover, the other half of this building is an art studio that has art littered all over the wall by local artist that is for sale. I did not photograph this side out of respect for the artist Now this is place is a true find for an art and food lover.