Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Cutting Board Bakery & Cafe - Mesa, Arizona - Review

After settling in to our Az lifestyle (which we are loving) we have to limit our eating out, due to so many different vegan places we could easily drain our life savings eating out everyday.  The wife was informed of this place in Mesa that has a full vegan menu with vegetarian options. I like the way that sounds so that is where this week's review comes from:
  1. 2235 S Power Rd #116, Mesa, AZ 85209
As you park in the strip plaza lined with other store fronts the entrance is off to the side in a tunnel that offers outdoor seating that has a lot of shade. When you walk in the place it is spotless and has a very modern feel with plenty seating. 

As you order the menu is very well detailed to there is no question of what you are getting, this is one of the better priced menus that I have seen in a vegan eatery. 

click here for a better view of the lunch & dinner menus

With free ice cold water there is really no need for other beverages, but they have plenty of choices of bottled drinks and juices/smoothies to chose from.  
We sat down after ordering at the counter and with in minutes out came our food, which is awesome ( I hate long waits). As I have said before how they plate and present the food shows how much love has gone into the preparation and this place puts a lot of heart into what they are making. We were only a couple of bites in when we swapped plates (we love to share each others food) neither one of us was at all disappointed this place rocks. 

bb burger $11.75

The Black Bean patty tasted so good and fresh it could have been made in my own kitchen.

half sandwich + half salad $ 7.75

 The veggies on Amber's Vedg-head sandwich were super fresh and crisp, and the dressing for her salad was out of this world good, a maple mustard wow I will be making that at home for sure. 

All and all what we have here is a perfect place for a great meal. A great place in a good location with ample parking, super fast and friendly service, with a great atmosphere. We have not yet had their breakfast but the menu looks very good and we will be stopping by one of these mornings. 

You will want to check this place out, I am sure you will agree with Amber and myself this is true vegan paradise.