Monday, December 9, 2013

Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market San Diego Ca.-Review

After googling around trying to find the bestest vegan breakfast in the San Diego area this place kept coming up. Now back home most of the grocery stores have a hot food department and most really are not that good, and there are none locally that serve a 100% vegan breakfast.

Where I come from the co-op was a feed mill that produces feed for livestock and farming supply. The thought of a customer owned grocery store is awesome to me, with the fact that it does not sell any meat products just blows my mind. The fact that we are able to wake up and run to a place for breakfast just really gets me happy. I love tofu scramble, I have been told that I make it to much at home because I just truly can't get enough of it. If you would have told me 2 year ago that I would be a tofu junkie, I would laugh at you and called you crazy.

Now as you pull up to this place get ready because parking is limited and in high demand so get aggressive or park on the street. As you walk in you are on the grocery level and you walk up to the cafe level and wow what a sight. They have a fully stocked salad bar along with with a mixed salad case that has potato salad and stuff like that. With a self serve coffee area that has some of the best coffee I have ever tasted in the world. 

Now here is where it gets real fun, while you order you breakfast you tell them how much you want of each item and they weigh your plate so you only pay for what you eat. Certain items cost more than others so they weigh as they go, so if you want a lot of one certain thing you can get it. This place really is awesome cause you can totally customize what you want to eat. I am talkin bout biscuits and gravy, tofu scramble, roasted potatoes all which tasted like they were made in my kitchen. 

They have a fully stocked bakery case which is also charged by the pound, so cool. There are plenty of juices to chose from also that are made fresh daily. 

The grocery side of this place has a lot good deals for the members most prices were comparable or even better than back home. If I lived out here, this place would be the only place that I would have to go get my supplies for the week. 

To sum it all up, they have a great vegan breakfast, out of this world good coffee, and a rockin grocery store all under one roof which makes me very jealous that I don't have this at home.

Our last day we went back again for breakfast and sat outside, gorgeous weather!

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