Monday, August 5, 2013

Green-Nami Phoenix Arizona -Review

 After leaving Tucson we headed back up to Phoenix for our final days on vacation. I almost was feeling sad and a little depressed to be heading out of the town that I will someday call home. If the boys weren't still in school I would of sent Amber home to get our cats and cars and we would be living out here. Well that sad feeling went away when Amber started reading me the menu from Green.  Now my mood was getting better and better. After arriving to this very modern feeling place I knew that this was gonna be awesome, and to find out there is an ice-cream shop next door this is gonna rock. When I was told the name I did not realize that it was two places side by side owned by the same owner. Any place that has vegan soft serve is ok in my book.

When you walk in the Green you will want to grab a seat cause they go fast, when you order you need to buy one of their drinks, they have 4 different house made sweet drinks they were so freaking good. The options were Sweet Lime, Green Tea, Vimto (which is a very sweet fruit drink), and a Berry Lemonade. I was mixing the Sweet Lime and the Vimto ~ what a combo.

We started our lunch off with some amazing Chili Fries that were perfect. I have never liked shoestring fries until this trip wow are they good.  Now I love vegan burgers when they are done up the right way they are better than what I used to eat back in the day which was real meat. The Big WAC is within the top 5 burgers I have eaten in my vegan life and non-vegan life and that is no BS. What ever they are doing to make this patty for this burger I need to learn it now.

Amber's Calexico Burger had so much flavor that it makes you stop in mid chew just to savor it for an extra second. After we were done eating I wanted to order more but I had hold off cause we were gonna go next door to Nami for some sweet treats.

Nami is the same style modern building right next door with the same great kind of service which is friendly and fast. The boys went with milkshakes, but my wife and I decided to step it up a notch. The Tsoynami special is a mixture of different items and they awesome soft serve ice-cream (like a blizzard) Amber ordered the Banana Creme Pie which was awesome! I had the Compost which had so much in it I had trouble finishing it but I got it down. This place rocks, I could really do some damage at a place like this thank god they are not down the street from me.

After finding our hotel and touring around Phoenix we ended up back at Green for some supper. I was so excited for this meal we snatched a table, grabbed our drinks, and ordered up starting with the appetizer of Spicy Buffalo "Wings". I thought that I was gonna have to wrestle these away from my oldest son he said they were awesome and he ain't even vegan, he was right they were awesome.

Amber went with a Singapore Orange Bowl with Mock Chicken and Organic Brown Rice. Wow the flavors were so good that they are indescribable, this place is awesome. The Po-Boys were calling my name I had a hard time deciding from which one to order, but I went with the Argentina. It was so full of flavor on a perfect bun this place is truly heaven to me. Of course we are back in PA now and there is nothing like this around, no where even with in a decent driving distance. If your are anywhere close to or are coming to Phoenix you need to come here vegan or not you will LOVE this food.

Sweet Lime and Vimto mixed with Sweet Lime

Their House-made Drinks

The Big Wac

Calexico Burger

Chili Fries


Buffalo Chicken Wings

The Argentina Po-Boy

Amber's Singapore Orange Bowl

Great Mac N Cheese

Awesome prices and selections.

Awesome prices and selections.

Awesome prices and selections.

Awesome prices and selections.

Awesome prices and selections.

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