Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Evolution Fast Food San Diego Ca. Review

This was the first stop in San Diego, I mean straight from the rent a car pickup to here. Man-o-man I was hungry, we left the house in Pa. at 2:30 am and here we were at 12:30 pm Cali. time. This place is very easy to spot with a large colorful sign on the side of the building. This location is real close to Balboa Park with off street parking and a drive up window to all the folks that are in a hurry.

 As you walk in all the the whole wall in front of you is a menu with a small chalk board with the specials. This place has so many options to chose from it was very overwhelming in a good way, but I got though the selection process with little trouble.
Now they have 3 different 'burger' patties to choose from first the organic tempeh, organic black bean, and the 1/4 pound "beefy" patty. Now there is one thing that makes or breaks any food shack, stand, or truck and that's the bacon cheese burger if they put on the menu they better mean business and better not disappoint cause there is only once chance to prove yourself. Of course I went with the 1/4 pound on my bacon cheese burger ( cause I am a man) and low and behold I see chili cheese fries on the menu now I know that I am in heaven. The wife went with the chicken sandwich which was a smart choice, and cause she is awesome she also went with chili cheese fries as her side to this inauguration to southern Cali vegan food.
They have some nice outdoor seating area which to those who live here is not a big thing but us folks from over here on this side of states we only get to experience this a couple months out of the year. Once the order was placed the said they would have it ready in 5-10 minutes ( I was like wow) but this is fast food. Once the food arrived I could not believe what I was looking at a perfectly constructed 100% vegan bacon cheeseburger it does give me goose bumps just thinking about it. The wife unwrapped her sandwich to find that same perfect construction, they take pride in making thier food and you can see it a mile away. Then we flipped open our side dish containers to reveal the mother load, this mound of chili and cheese over french fries that were cooked to the perfect crispness. I think that we would have been moaning out loud like a couple of weirdos if there would not have been people around us. 
Now no meal would complete without some awesome sweet treat to top everything off. They have a large cooler chock full of baked treats and puddings but I was in the mood for ice cream. They have the soft serve flavors like the standard vanilla, chocolate, and the swirl but then there was this creation straight from the gods a peanut butter and jam ice cream..... Shut the front door and punch your granny in the mouth this is off the hook crazy. It's like when you take that first bite and your just in complete awe in the flavor and your brain takes back to when your a kid watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.  
The bill was cheaper than you could imagine for the wonderful feast of greatness my only reget was not being able to order more from this place. 
My recommendation is get you butt in gear and get out here to this place. To find a 100% vegan place that specializes in comfort fast food meaning burgers and  fries. Where I live there is only a couple of 100% vegan places within a 3 hour drive from me, so if you from this area condsider yourself lucky that you have a place like this. I really hope that you are to come to this place and experience this great food at a clean establishment filled with people who care about the food they put out.


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