Monday, September 2, 2013

The Quiet Storm-Pittsburgh Pa.-Review

This a very unique place the a great vibe to it full of colorful tile floor and many many owl figures all over the place. Now this place would be easy to pass if you not watching for it. There are so few vegetarian places in the "Burgh" have vegan options and the only 100% vegan one is closed on Sundays.
We started with some ice tea which was awesome but the service was grumpy to say the least. We placed our order and then we find out that they were out of the hash the wife ordered so she ordered a Country Burrito same as me if you are gonna have a small limited menu then make sure you have enough for all day, every item on the menu is 13 dollars.  I ordered a side of Baken ( TVP Bacon). Now this burrito was made with a tofu scramble smashed potato and veggies with and onion gravy. Now I am not pro chef but these two flavors didn't mesh together to well, the wife really didn't like it. The burrito was nice size but the tofu lacked flavor and was a little dry, the onion gravy was really good but didn't taste good on a burrito. I ordered a side of the baken and got 1 and a half pieces for 2 bucks when a package at the store is 4 bucks.  And the price was pretty steep, we had 2 burritos, 2 ice teas, 2 milkshakes ( non-vegan for the boys) and and the bill was over 40 dollars the was really way to high. For the money they are asking then the product needs to be brought up another notch. But all and all the place was clean and the ice tea was really good I wish the food and service would of been as good as the decor.  I guess after being on vacation and coming back to Pa. to realize what a horrible place I live in and can not wait to move out west.

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