Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hal & Al's-A Vegan's Paradise Columbus Oh. Review

In downtown Columbus at 1297 Parsons Ave is where you find the most well stocked 100% vegan bar that you will ever see, and the only one I have ever heard of. Now I have only be a vegan for 17 months but I truly love the lifestyle on a morale and a medical level I have never felt better in my life, but I still crave damn good bar food and that is what I found here. As soon as you walk in you see a fully stocked bar with and a bartender who says grab a seat and wanted to know what we were drinking. Unlike most me and the wife don't normally drink but they have a challenge here if you drink 30 different beers in 30 days you get a cool shirt and if you do it twice you get a sweatshirt, it's called the Parsens Challenge.

Now we started with the Fried Sampler basket which is full of avocado, pickles, mushrooms covered in beer batter, a couple of baskets of fresh cut fries. Now the food was out with in 5-8 min just long enough for my 21 yr old brother -in law to show off that he is 21 and ordered a rum and coke.
Now most think of if dive bars to to be dirty and gross but this place was the opposite I mean spotless. If I was a health inspector I would give this place a A++ rating. 
As our appetizers got there they we taking the rest of our order, as you can see from the pics perfectly battered and fried. The dipping sauces are house made and out of this world good. This is the first time ever having deep fried avocado and holy S--T that is good. We also saw Saurkruat Balls and you know I was not gonna pass this opportunity up. If you love Saurkruat then this is your dream come true after the first bite I was hooked, I need to learn how to make these they blew my mind. 
Once the burgers were set down it front of us the hair on the back of my neck stood up holy moly they are HUGE. The pretzel bun was perfectly steamed and the Luna Burgers were fried on flattop which made them awesome. The brother in-law ordered some pancakes and he said the were best that he ever had. They looked very light and fluffy and smelled terrific. I have not talked about the prices yet cause I am still in shock because they were so low everything that we ordered only came to 40 dollars. 
All and all from the service to the food you will not regret coming to this place it is a must if you are in the Columbus area. If you love to bar food vegan style than this place is for you it truly is the best , I know I will be making the drive again very soon.

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