Sunday, May 12, 2013

Philly ~ Back on Track

After recovering from my actions the day before, we went down to the Liberty Bell since the line was so long the day before.

Independence  Hall is right beside the Liberty Bell but the tours were not until later.
On the go in Philly on all of trips we average walking anywhere from 5 to 10 miles a day. All through the historical side Independence Hall, then just enjoying the day.

This was the actual chair that George Washington sat in during the sighing of the Declaration of Independence.

We were on the look out for Blackbird Pizzeria. This is an all vegan pizzeria that has some awesome pies but their sandwiches are unbelievable. I had seitan cheesesteak: thinly sliced house made seitan with grilled onions and peppers, crimini and white mushrooms, daiya cheese - $9. It was worth every penny, and it was a lot better than the sandwich that I had from Geno's. Amber had the pizza which of course my big ass had to try it, I don't think that girl has had a meal to herself is 20 years. This was my first experience with daiya cheese and I was very impressed.


There are many places like this in almost all cities, they do have some vegan sorbet if you like that stuff but I do not. They have many toppings to choose from and is a fun place to check out and don't forget the free samples.

 No trip to Philly would be complete with out a stop art the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Here is Graham running the steps like Rocky did in the movie.

Then we found the  Hip City Veg and holy cow this place blew my mind. It was very small and very busy. The menu was very detailed and hard to choose from all the great options. This is where I first had a Gardein Burger and to date this is the only store bought vegan burger I will buy or eat. The chicken sandwich was unreal, all of the Gardein products terrific and are excellent substitutes for real animal proteins. They have a frozen dessert called a banana whip that is nothing more than a frozen banana put through a juicer  and is surprisingly really good for how simple of an idea is.

Off to walk around the city again, Philly is a very diverse place with lots of history, you will see and hear things here that normal for big city life. Since I had not eaten in hour we decided to walk back to the Hip City Veg for me to get a burrito and once again I was blown away from this place. If you enjoy the comfort of knowing that the restaurant in totally vegan,  and if you enjoy phenomenally great food, then this place is a must.

 All and all Philly is a amazing place and I hope that if you're ever near here you stop and check it out.

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