Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rhode Island (could not find Quahog anywhere)

Rhode Island is called the smallest state but there is a lot of places to see so many islands to visit, well worth the trip if your planning to go to the northeast.The Newport cliff walk we found is just out side of one of those little New England towns full of little mom an pop shops.

Here is you know who cleaning out the hotels "complimentary items" it does save us money.

We love to hike and check out the sites.

 She never listens to the "stay on the path" signs.

The Garden Grille was an unbelievable place to find. The sandwiches were made with care and love, you can tell when the cook truly cares about what he is putting on the table. 


 Sweet Potato Wedges with a BBQ sauce dipping sauce.

Tofu BLT

  Seitan Mushroom Burger

 The Wildflower Bakery is right in the same plaza and you better have some room left in your belly for amazing treats this place has the prices are very reasonable, they don't price gouge. 
We didn't do much sight seeing in RI.

 This was an cool looking flower growing outside the Wildflower Bakery.

And we still could not find Quahog so we left for Massachusetts.

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