Friday, May 10, 2013

The Farewell to Meat Tour

This trip was from the summer of 2012,
as soon as we hit the city limits it was straight to Pat's Steaks.

  This is in a very cool old school neighborhood like the type that you see in the movies.

This was almost like a dream for me after countless times of see the sandwich on the tv it was finally in front of me. It was without a doubt one of the best things I have ever eaten. The steak was cooked perfectly the onions and mushrooms was cooked just right (not to mushy), but the kicker was the WIZ that's Cheese Whiz if you didn't know. It was AWESOME!!!

Then across the street to Geno's.

Well the photo should say it all. The meat was overdone along with mushrooms and onions. The wiz was so minimal that I went up to complain and they gave me a pen but no more cheese wiz. It paled in comparison to Pat's and should not be allowed on the same street.

I became very sick and I can not show the results of these actions but I assure you that they were so severe.

Then a short walk through the neighborhood to the nice little pizza place called Slice, no vegan options. The service was good and fast and both my sons said it was really good.

Amber and I did not have any because of the real cheese and I was food drunk already from Pat & Geno's. 

It was a very clean place that I would recommend eating at if your in the neighborhood of one.

Our hotel was the Hilton Garden Inn in down town right next to the Reading Terminal Market.

Me giving Amber a ride through the parking garage to get all the luggage.

Then a quick refresh then off to see the big city.

The first stop was at the market.

As you can see if you need or want it you should be able to find in this market. So many great food stands and grocer stands.

So many yummy combo's to choose from.

Lots of homemade ice-cream choices are endless. The hoodlums in this photo are our two sons Gage and Graham.

Tommy Dicnic's was another place that I had to get out of my mind after seeing it on tv as well. Even though I had 2 sandwiches earlier in the day at Pat & Geno's and felt sick, I had to try the sandwich that evening. Yes I ate 3 huge sandwiches in 1 day.

So there it was one of the best sandwiches in the Philly area and like fool I ate this one too. There are no photos of what happen to me afterwards so be thankful, after that  day I was done with meat. What a way to say farewell.

After walking around the city for awhile taking the sites the boys went back to the hotel to rest and me and the wifey went out for dinner.

We found  The Vedge online and had high reviews and was a nice walk from the hotel.

This is the 5 star fancy style of dinning that I am not used to but the food was so good. The whole place was great and i strongly recommend if you in the city to try this place out.

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