Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 2 of Prepping For BluePrint Cleanse Make It STOP

If you have stopped drinking coffee then you know where I am. Little Miss Chipper is over there is feeling better so hopefully I will soon. The light eating actually is been the easiest part, not having coffee and mints is gonna be the only challenge. I have not had a headache like this in a very long time but with some aleve it will be all better, once the headaches stop I think this is gonna a breeze.

For supper I made a Orange Infused Spring Salad
This was very simple

1 orange zested then cut into wedges

1tbsp oil your choice 

And some spring mix

In a bowl zest your orange the peel it and cut into wedges, just watch for the seeds. Add oil and mix well then toss in the greens mix till combined and preto.

The fridge is stalked and ready to go just waiting for Sunday to get here.

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