Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brooklyn NY and Beyond

 There are many things in life that some people say they will never do I say game on and lets go, like driving in NYC at first I was intimidated but once you get use to it, it still sucks ha ha. 

The Brooklyn Bridge  is one the most recognized bridges in the country. To find parking to go walk across this bridge is a nightmare and is not cheap but worth every penny and ounce of aggravation.

Then off exploring for a treats and pizza. Our first stop was to Clementine Bakery this all vegan bakery should be on every street corner. The homemade hand crafted treats here were so out of this world good that it almost makes you go into a food trance.

Their desserts are mind blowing, the Vegan Raspberry Poptart was Crazy good!

Enough with the sweets and on to the pizza, this pizza I had seen on Man vs. Food, L & B Spumoni Gardens. This place  was unreal I have never seen so much pizza being sold so fast the line solid stretch all the way out to the street but it would  move so fast I bet there is never more than a 5 to 10 min wait ever. I have eaten pizza from coast to coast and with out any doubt in my mind this is the best pizza you will find. The bloating and the bellyache that I received after eating at here was enough to convince me that this was my goodbye dairy foods.  Nothing like climbing in the mini van to drive to CT on a bloated belly I didn't think I was gonna make it.

A couple hour drive make any one hungry so we found this place The Red Lentil. What to say about this place other than try to avoid it at all cost. We were there well before the dinner rush and the service was slow and the food was very bland an quite over priced, it felt like there was no love put into the food.  I will say this the place was spotless very clean other than that I have nothing else to say about the Red Lentil.

Some places that you see on various food show stick in your mind like this place Frank Pepe's. This pizzeria has been on many show like Food Wars and Man Vs Food. The service was fast and the boys said it was really good pizza, they didn't get to try the competitor down the street  Sally's Apizza they were closed for the day. New Haven is a nice clean little town but we had miles to cover before sun down we were gonna stay Providence RI. 

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