Thursday, May 30, 2013

Prepping For BluePrint Juice Cleanse OH GOD WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well ever since seeing the Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead documentary I have wanted to try to juicing for a week. This might be harder than I have thought at night while driving I have a variety of healthy snacks to munch on  going down the road with my coffee by my side. Now I will be swapping all that for some jugs of juice OH YA BIG FUN.
After searching for the best way to do this venture Amber found the BluePrint Cleanse. They give you step by step guides on preparing for the Cleanse and advice on how to get through your adventure. You are supposed to prep 3 days before starting the juicing. They advise mainly fruit and green vegetables so I came up with this for dinner tonight:

Steamed Broccoli and Guacamole Fused Salad - It was really good.

 I will keep post as I go to let you all know how much fun I am having.

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