Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4 Corners, Albuquerque, & Roswell NM. -Review

After leaving Flagstaff we headed for the Four Corners Monument, talk about out in the middle of no-where. Ever since the eighth grade I have wanted to come out here and do a push up on all four states at once. Well now that is done there is nothing else to do here so after all the photos we hit the highway heading for Albuquerque NM.

Finally we made it 4 hours from Flagstaff to here.

Notice there is one road in one road out.

Life long dream done.

Amber and the boys.

Amber in four states at once.

Albuquerque is an awesome full of all places to shop and eat with awesome mountain views, there will be a couple restaurants that I reviewed their post will be coming soon. We are HUGE Breaking Bad (for those who live in a cave its a award winning show on AMC)  fans we have seen every show. These are a couple of the filming locations that we got to go to. The first one we went to is the main characters house "Walter White" played by Brian Craston. As we were standing in the street taking photos of the house like fans do the owner came outside, I thought she was coming out to tell us to leave but she was so nice. She told us all about the filming and how they chose  her house is was a exciting thing to hear about. I told her I was surprised that she was so nice and she said it was because we respected her property and was staying on the street, she also told us about so many rude people coming there and coming on her property even climbing over the back wall. If you are planning to go there please be very respectful and stay off the property unless your invited. After we saw the main house went to the car wash used in the show, Hank the brother in-law's house, and Twister's which in the show is a chicken restaurant called Los Pollos Hermanos. This was such a cool town there were many other locations to see but that was all we had time for. A must see attraction in this town is The Sandia Peak Tramway. If you want to see the whole city at once then you need to go up to the top of the mountain. It only takes 15 min to get to the top and the views were out of this world amazing. Since we were out there during the rainy season we could see thunder storms rolling across the land it was wild to see. We spent so much time here in ABQ that we left late for Santa Fe as soon we got up there and had supper it was getting dark and we were leaving so early the next morning heading for Roswell that we didn't get a chance to check out the town oh-well maybe next time. 

"Walter White's House"

The real owner telling us about the filming.

Amber, Fran,  and Gage she was so nice.

The car wash used in the show.

Brother in-law Hank's house.

The real restaurant used in the filming.

This is painted inside.

The booth were Walter White sat in for the filming.

This was so cool.

Coming down to pick us up.

Loading up.

The view was amazing.

View at the top.

That is a strom rolling across the land.

Well after leaving the ABQ and Santa Fe area we headed south to Roswell NM. This was a place that I have wanted to visit for as long as I can remember (cause I'm a believer) and boy what a let down. There is only about 2-3 blocks of alien stuff there and that was it. Don't get me wrong the museum was worth the drive and the rest of the alien side of things were all tourist trap style places. I wanted to go to the actual crash site but I was told that it was on private property and no one was allowed there. I could of spent all day in the museum there are so many articles to read and with me having a reading level of 5 yr old kid I would be there for a year trying to read it all. All and all it was well worth the trip down here and I am really glad that we came. Now we decided to head straight for Tucson Az. it was only another 8 hours of driving piece of cake.

Alien butts creepy.

30 miles outside Tucson Az. this was the sun set.

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