Sunday, July 21, 2013

Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen Sedona, Arizona -Review

After hiking around the beautiful Sedona mountains we wanted some pizza. This place is the only place in Sedona that serves Daiya cheese which I love. We ordered the Awesome Avocado Pizza which should be renamed the Outrageous Olive cause of all the olives, which the only place olives should be allowed is on pizza so it was ok. The place is a non-vegan place with vegan options which makes it nice for family dining. The service was outstanding, here it is  the traditional way where you sit down and they take your order cause alot of places out here you order at the counter and then they bring out your food. None the less the pizza here is really good and everything is organic which is a real hard thing to do since so many things have GMO'S. If you are in the area I would definitely suggest you don't pass this place up.  The pizza is great, the service is fast and friendly,  and the place is spotless what more could you ask for.

Little pricey but well worth it.

The best crust I have ever had.

The sesame seed crust was awesome!!

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