Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lovin Spoonfuls Tucson Az. - My Review of This INCREDIBLE Vegan Restaurant

After driving 11 hours through New Mexico and Arizona, I was hungry and cranky I just wanted some good vegan food. When we pulled up to Lovin Spoonfuls I was so excited cause Amber had been reading me the menu for the last 30 miles making me more and more hungry. As soon as you walk up to the counter you are greeted by the owner Peggy who is very friendly and SO nice. She is a devoted cat lover just like us and has many rescue cats at her home just like us.  To the right of the counter are many photos of her with famous doctors who all live or support a plant based lifestyle. We ordered some appetizers and burgers the service was out this world good, we sat outside and with in mins the appetizers were there. The battered mushrooms had to be the best deep fried mushroom that I have ever tasted in my life. The battered beer brats and the shoestring fries were great also. Sitting outside eating this food I knew that this is where I want to call home as soon as the boys are done with high school. When the burgers came I was in heaven. Anybody can make a vegan burger and serve it up what what differs one to the next is how they serve it up you can tell when there is love put into the food and you definitely feel the love here.
When Sunday morning came around we were outside Lovin Spoonfuls 15 min before the opened and we still weren't the first ones there. The breakfast at this place is so good that it will blow your mind. Amber went with the  Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and I went with a Spinach-Mushroom Scramble and Southwest Burrito wow it was really good. 
After hiking for a couple of hours we decided to head back here for some late lunch-early supper but we got there at 315 and they close at 3 but she still offered us so cold desserts even though the kitchen was closed.  Wow these treats really hit the spot so good and all vegan is awesome. 
On Monday morning we were right back here again for our final meal here.  I went with the Denver Scramble and Amber got the same thing Chocolate chip pancakes which everything was awesome. If you love good food and enjoy good service you will love this place, and knowing that the owner is such a kind hearted person has dedicated her life to helping animals.  Her personality really reflects on this restaurant and its shows through the people she employs and through the food that is served. This place is a MUST PLACE TO EAT AT.

Decision...........Decision What to decide 

good and fair prices.

So many choices.

The coffee here rocks.

These were really great fries.

Those were the bestest mushrooms in the world.

 My Route 66 Burger, fresh made patties is the only way to go.

Amber's Southwest Burger, I am gonna be making that carrot salad real soon, it was awesome.

Here is some awesome food porn for ya.

We had some shakes for an after dinner snacks, I went with a Root Beer Float, Amber went with a Peanut Butter Cup, Graham went with Chocolate Mint, Gage had the Orange Cremesicle.

Almost to much food.....almost.

Really good flavor, nice proportions

Amber said the that these were such chocolatey cakes of goodness, they were perfect.

The southwest burrito is a monster.

Amber and the boys in the desert, we love it in Tucson.

Wow....... do I need to say anything else.

That is the Denver Scramble I am gonna get  some vegan ham its awesome.

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