Friday, July 12, 2013

Pomegranate Cafe Phoenix Arizona - Review

As soon as we got our rental car the first thing we had to get something to eat we were still on Pa time. This was our first taste of vacation and let me tell something this place needs to be on your bucket list. As soon as you walk in the atmosphere of the place is so laid back and so colorful, we never see places like this back home anywhere not even in the big cities close to us. You order at the counter and the bring it too your table it was only a couple of mins from the time we ordered to when our smoothies came out and the food came not long after. It was sooooo good I will definitely be going back to this place.

Real easy to find.

So colorful.

When ordering tell them you want it all to be vegan and the make all the changes.

Bright Bunny(left) it has OJ,  Carrot, Coconut water, Pineapple, Mango. On the right is a Chocolate Cherry Bomb it has Cherries, Banana, Chocolate Sunwarrior Protein Powder, Almond Milk, and Raw Cacao.

The Lumberjack it has Ancient Grain bread sandwich with tofu, temeph bacun, tomato, chipotle aioli, avocado

Ranchero Skillet it had Tofu, soy chorizo, avocado, cheese, spinach tortilla, salsa, tepary beans

The desserts were beyond great there is not even a word to describe them.
We decided to take our desserts to go, we had a raw snickers, raw lemon bar, and a raw brazilian brownie. I have learned that the raw desserts taste so much better to me.

raw brazilian brownie

raw snickers

raw lemon bar


  1. Yep Pomegranate cafe is the best. Glad you found it. All ingredients are top notch
    Vetted and and gmo free
    Responcible and tasty

    My fave is the enchilada plate when they have it and the cakes are incredible

  2. Yes they rock, when I own my own place I will follow the same style of organic cooking, raw desserts are awesome!!!!!!! Thanks for reading my blog.