Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mint Tulip Vegan Cafe, Albuquerque New Mexico.- Review

I found this place online months ago back in Pa. while planning this trip and have been waiting and waiting finally the wait was over. They have free parking in the rear on the restaurant (which was awesome) and as soon as you walk in you start to feel so happy from the colorful vegan menu. I had to step  back and look at the menu I was blown away at how good the prices were, so reasonable and fair for the quality of food and service your getting you can beat this place at all.  It was early so of course breakfast was on our minds, we started with some fresh squeezed juices Amber went the carrot route and I stuck with good old fashion OJ. They have a monster juicer in the place I never did ask what model it was, it was huge. Fresh juice is the only way to go I told the wife to order us a juicer for the house.
The tofu scramble did not disappoint me at all full of flavor almost like mine from home. So many places have no clue how to prepare or cook tofu but not this place they rock, this place takes tofu to a whole new level for me. Before I was vegan I would love to get sausage gravy over biscuits every time we went out for breakfast, but I have never found it in vegan place till today. This maybe a dream cause I can't believe this is vegan it was so rich and creamy and the taste was just like grandma was behind the counter making it for me. 
  Now the pancakes were with out a doubt hands down the best pancakes that I have ever tasted in my life. If you didn't read that last line here we go again THEY HAVE THE BEST PANCAKES ON PLANET EARTH. Where ever you live on the planet you need to make your way here just for the pancakes and you will live a happier life for doing so. They were like warm cinnamoney blankets of goodness. When we left there I felt so full but I was feeling that I was missing out on something cause the menu was calling my name to come back for lunch, so I listened and that's where we ended up at for lunch.
When we arrived back to the mint colored restaurant the first thing we start with was the vegan milkshakes and wow. My nonvegan sons were even blown away with the flavors. The wife decided  on the Grilled Veggie with a side of potato salad, I was really hungry so I started with the  Brat with Kraut & Onions with a side of pasta salad, and ended up with a BLT with a side of quinoa tabouli. I really need to make that quinoa salad when I get home it was so flipping good. 
So if you ain't booked a flight to ABQ then you better get cause this restaurant alone is a good enough reason to come here. Like I said don't miss this place you will regret it for the rest of your days. My only wish here is that we had more time in ABQ so we could of ate the whole menu.

OJ on the left carrot on the right. 

Great  Prices!!!!!

Colorful Menu :-)

Awesome colors = Awesome place.

Tofu Scramble and Pancakes.

Now this is a breakfast of champions.

That was one of the best plates of Sausage& Gravy over Biscuits I have ever had...

The Scramble rocked about as good as mine HA HA it really does rock.

So many choices we need to go back, I love fresh juices and smoothies.

Amber's PB Chocolate and Grahams Chocolate both out of this  world.

My Banana WOW!!!!!

Cremesicle Shake

Grilled Veggie with fresh made hummus

So Flipping good I love brats.

That salad quinoa tabouli salad ROCKS

Bestest  BLT other than mine.
Without a doubt the bestest meal we had in the entire state of New Mexico by far hands down the best. From the fast and friendly service to the spotless clean restaurant if we lived within a couple of hours of this place we would be here at least once a week.

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