Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with a Stuffed Tomato


I know the the 4th is a big burger and dog holiday but when you got a craving you got a craving and  tonight is was buffalo chicken. I still used the grill in the making so its all gooder and that makes the flavors really come out of the buffalo sauce. I came up with this mock broccoli rabe on my own and it came out awesome. You can find my buffalo sauce recipe here, my bun recipe can found here, my ranch can be found here.
Here is what you need

Buffalo Chicken 

3 Delight Soy Chicken patties

3-4 cups my buffalo sauce 

Marinate the chicken the on the stove top  for about and hour the hit on the a hot oiled grill for 5 min aside

Broccoli Rabe  (my version)

1/2 cup broccoli florets frozen chopped

2 cups or half a bag frozen baby spinach 

1/2 onion sliced

1 tsp oil 

Satuee every thing together and keep warm till served 

Stuffed Tomato

2 large tomatoes

1 bag steamed rice 

1 tbsp minced garlic 

1 Tbsp black pepper

Salt to taste 

1 pinch of turmeric 

Steam the rice and and the add the rest of ingredients let rest. Now I added to much salt this is how you deal with that is add a little chopped onion that will mellow the salt. The tomato needs washed cut the top off and de-gut the seeds making sure you don't break the sides. Stuff the rice mixture tightly inside bake at 425 for 30-45 min till done.

Now to build start with the ranch on the bottom then the chicken then the rabe. Plate them and have a great 4th.

Have Fun and Enjoy.


  1. Looks delicious.
    Just thought I would mention Beyond Meat chicken, if you haven't tried it yet, you should.

    You can get it at whole foods.
    It makes great 'buffalo wings', 'chicken' salad, it shreds if you take a fork to it as well (good for chicken enchiladas).

    Probably won't work for this recipe because they are strips.

    1. Yes I have tried that brand at the WholeFoods in Wexford Pa. They make very good sandwiches , I will pick some up next time and try it out in my recipes. Thanks for reading my blog.