Monday, July 1, 2013

Vegan BBQ Tofu and Baked Beans

It's always gonna be a good day when you got BBQ on the brain whether its a rainy Monday or not. This is real simple as long as you marinate both the tofu and the beans. Say its for dinner than marinate in the morning  and leave them sit all day.

BBQ Beans and Tofu

1 batch of my bbq sauce found here

1 package extra firm tofu 

2 cans cannellini beans (or your choice) rinsed

Some Memphis Rub 

Rinse and drain your beans, then mix gently with about a cup the sauce. Scoop into little glass bowls add about 1/4 of sauce on top and cover with foil and stick in the fridge. The tofu is easy also press out and cut into 1" cubes and  cover with sauce cover and put into the fridge. 
Now after they have been in the fridge at least 4 hours pre oven to 400 place the covered beans in the cold oven let them come up to temp with the oven NEVER PUT COLD GLASS IN A HOT OVEN did read you that NEVER PUT COLD GLASS IN A HOT OVEN it's really bad. Once at temp place tofu on foil lined pan sprinkle lightly with the rub bake for 20 mins flip and brush with sauce bake for 20 more min. Transfer to hot oiled grill and grill for 5 min per side basting with sauce cause that's what real BBQ cooks do. Pull you beans out at the same time as the tofu just keep covered till you serve them. 
Steam up whatever greens you want and serve up one hell of BBQ dinner.

Be careful not break up the tofu.

Re-sauce under the tofu.

Re-sauce the tops also

Careful very Careful they can be tricky.

These will be bubbling hot DO NOT uncover yet let set at least 10 min.

Oil up your grill.

Turn a quarter turn for the cool grill marks

Look at the color and it taste just as good.

I always put some chopped raw onions on top my beans.

Have fun and Enjoy. 

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