Friday, July 19, 2013

Raw Creamy Mushroom Alfredo over Zucchini Pasta

Well trying to eat lighter after my week and half long pig out fest I decided on some creamy alfredo. It sounds like a heavy meal but since it's all is raw it's very light and fulfilling. You can find my recipe here, but since we are going raw on this one use 1/2 cup less water. I didn't want any vegan meat in this but I wanted some body to the sauce so that's why I went with the mushrooms.

So you will need

1 batch of my raw alfredo sauce 

2 cups washed and chopped mushrooms 

1 zucchini washed and cut into pasta noodles 

After you blend the sauce together mix in the mushrooms and let it chill in the fridge for 30 min to thicken up (if it gets too thick then gently whisk in some water a tbsp at a time till it is where you want it to be). While that's chillin go ahead and cut your zucchini up into noodle shapes. Now some people say to soak the cut zucchini in some lemon water before you use it but I don't its all in what you like. Now all you gotta do is plate it up and eat this simple good raw meal.

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