Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sedona Arizona-Review

Never in my life have I seen such beautiful landscape has I have here. The red rocks are so amazing. Now the vegan options are limited in this small town, but don't let stop you from visiting here. The view from the front side of our hotel (of course we were on the backside of the hotel) would knock the wind right out of you.
Between all the hiking, shopping, and the dining you will never get bored in this town. The first place we went was the Chapel Of The Holy Cross wow was this place amazing. Now I would suggest parking in the lower parking area and walking up cause the view is out of this world, but it is a little steep on the way up. After sitting in this church for just a couple minutes you will see how much time went in to building this awesome place. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the shopping area of downtown Sedona.
The next morning after breakfast we headed out for a hike to a place called The Devils Bridge, now make sure that you have water with you because there is none at the trail head. This is a very moderate hike that gets a little extreme at the end, but its all worth it in the end. From the parking area to the trail head is 1 mile, now you can drive to the trail head if you are in a 4x4 or an all wheel drive vehicles just as long as it has a high ground clearance. We decided to walk in due to the fact that we were driving a mini van. The walk in to the trail head is very easy and mostly a down hill grade but you are in the direct sun, once we got to the trail head we sat in the shade and rested while we drank some water. From here to the bridge is about 1 more mile and it's all upward and towards the end it is almost like climbing up vertical stair case made from rocks it was very cool. There are many shaded places to take breaks on the way so we did as we took photos it was amazing. Once you reach the bridge you will be amazed, from looking at it from across the ravine it looks very intimating. When you get out on the bridge it's not that bad at all you almost get a calming feeling cause its such an awesome view. This hiking is very do able for most as long as you take you time and drink lots of water.
If you are gonna be in Arizona at all you need to make your way to this town you will not regret it.

Chapel Of The Holy Cross

The walk up to the Chapel.

View from the Chapel.

View of the backside of the Chapel.

Family shot out side the Chapel

View from outside the Chapel

This is what you see when you enter the Chapel.
Leaving the parking area heading for The Devils Bridge.

View from the parking area.

The road that leads to the trail head.

The trail head is about 1 mile from the parking area.

Half way up the trail to the bridge.

What an amazing view.

Getting steeper as we go.

But not that bad at all.


Graham was the first out.

Then Amber.

Amber and Graham always on the edge.

View from the bridge back to the cliff.

View from the edge of the bridge.

Then me, Gage didn't want to go out.

Now going back down.

Amber leading the way back out.

We did not hike this one but I got a new hat :-)

View from the Huckaby Trail Head

We will have to go back to hike it.

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