Thursday, June 27, 2013

Earth Balance Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs-review and opinion

 Well I know these have been out for a while but I have just gotta put my 2 cents. If you have not tried these yet then you need to run not walk to your local WholeFoods and grab a bag and a bottle of what what ever you drink( water is the bestest thing to drink). Trust me when I say to be careful not to get your fingers in the way, don't attempt to share with some cause it will end up in a fist fight.

The texture is perfect just like any cheese puff you have eaten as a kid, the crunch is the awesome then the puff spread the flavor all over you tongue it's almost good enough to bring a tear to my eye. The flavor taste just like a white cheddar popcorn I used to eat when I was younger. In fact the this is so close to the original flavors that I remember it makes the hair on the back of neck stand up making me feel like I am doing something wrong but it's oh so good. If you need feel like your need a cheesey escape from reality then this bag is for you. Any time I get to go somewhere that sells these crunchy puff of goodness I always load up on them. At night if they are in my lunch they are the first thing I grab usually with in the first 5 miles of my trip they are gone and have turned my sandwich baggie inside out and I am licking the baggie like I weirdo.

They need to start sells these products at the grocery locally to me I can't wait for every 2-3 weeks to get some of these.  There was once we drove an 1.5 hours to Cleveland Oh.  to get some supply's having these in our list once we found out they were sold out I called every WholeFoods within 3 hours of me and found that the Wexford Pa. location had a whole case of them,  I said I was on my way. Leaving my buggy sitting there we loaded up for the 2 hour drive there and then we still had 1 hour drive home from there that's 4.5 hours of driving just for the puffs ya I might need help but I won!

To summarize someone at Earth Balance should be given raise, medal, promotion for coming up with these puffs. These things are out of this world, don't pass up any opportunity to grab a bag just remember sharing never works so buy 2 or a whole case.

Enjoy and Have Fun.      

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