Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 3 BluePrint Juice Cleanse The Madness Stops NOW!!!!!


Well after a very long 14 hour day I have had some time to think about this cleanse. It is making no sense to me that a man my size is supposed to drink the same amount as my little wife. Last night I spread the juices out to 3 hour increments and I still ran out of juice at 630 am. Now  I understand most folks don't work the hours I do but there something to be learned and that is not everyone can live off 900 calories a day. This is no longer a cleanse in my opinion it's not even a fast it's damn near starvation for me. After getting up today I am weighing in at 247.4 pounds that is a 10 pound loss since starting prepping last Thursday today is Tuesday, where I come from that is an in unhealthy loss. When my sons tell me that I look like a meth. addict and that's about how I feel (even though I don't do any drugs) something has to change. I will continue to drinks the juices because they do taste good especially number 6 but I am gonna add some raw veggies back into the plan. Anything over a loss of 2 pounds a week is not good for you, I found on line that for a man my size should consume 2200 calories a day for a loss of 2 pounds per week. I will use My Plate by Livestrong app. to count the calories up to at least 2000 calories a day.
Now I am not gonna calls a failure but more of a game changer instead of a week just juice now it's a raw week with me still drinking all my juices and eating only raw foods with the exception of the pistachios they are roasted but owell get over it. With my juices and my lunch I will only be 1835 calories for the day I am happy with that. And still no sugar or my  Gardein cheeseburgers but they are on the menu for Sunday I can't wait.
My lunch will be some
Green Peppers
and juices 3-6
I will let you know how I feel in the days to come but I have a really good feeling about this choice.

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