Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 1 BluePrint Cleanse Finally The Wait Is Over

Finally it's Sunday morning and we are officially on the cleanse now, current stats I am 6'-1" tall and weighed in at 252.4 pounds. I lost 5lbs just from the 3 day of prepping. The last 3 days were brutal not being able to cook the foods that I love to eat, it has been very disciplining.
Now juice 1-3 is the Green Juices they are made of

You have to shake the juices very well, as you see the before on the left everything is settled on bottom.

First you start with your cup of warm lemon water to help you belly get ready. Then the first juice is the green juice, the big flavor I taste is the apple so they are going down very smooth and are very easy to drink. Our projected timeline for the day should go like this
7 am juice 1
10 am juice 2
12 pm juice 3 
2 pm juice 4
4 pm juice 5
6 pm juice 6 
They want at least 12oz water between each juices that is no problem for me cause I love to drink water so it will be easy. 
Juice 4 is Spicy Lemonade it is made of
Agave Nectar 

Well it is 3 pm right now and I regret this so bad the only reason I keep going on is the pure fact we spent money on this dumb ass idea. At this rate I don't know if I will finish the cleanse or just eat and drink the juices along with the food. I know this is only day one and everyone says it gets easier I really hope so. It's not that I am starving not at all it's just the missing of the food that I love to make and eat. I am really trying to make it through the cleanse. After juice 5 I have calmed down a little but now making supper for the boys and this is brutal they might have to go out to eat the rest of the week.

Let me just say this, feeling like crap all day wanting just to quit the cleanse and cook a huge meal and enjoy it well that's all be hind me now all because of juice 6. This is like having a melted ice-cream cone in a jug and it does make it all better. I will keep going on the cleanse just knowing that this is the last juice of the day.

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